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Most people misunderstand their anger. Anger is mostly viewed negatively, as if it serves no purpose. But anger (along with pain, fear, guilt, shame, joy, passion, and love) is a God-given emotion which has important functions. Anger can be used functionally as an alarm system, letting an individual know when something is amiss. Anger helps us to preserve ourselves.


We use anger to preserve our:

  • personal worth
  • essential needs
  • basic convictions

And, for some of us, we use anger dysfunctionally. We may lash out with little or no provocation; or we may let things in (others’ words and actions) which builds into resentment, or victim anger.

I treat both types of anger problems utilizing a combination of cognitive-behavioral techniques, contemplative and wellness strategies, and family of origin work based on The Meadows’ Pia Mellody’s work on Codependence. My experience in anger management treatment extends over the past 30 years, and I hold certification as a specialist anger management (CSAM).

Anger Management often includes:

  • breaking denial of one’s own anger and its effects
  • developing or improving one’s boundary system
  • identifying triggers to one’s anger (often related to childhood trauma)
  • mastering one’s anger profile
  • acceptance of problem/taking responsibility for behavior
  • developing reasonable ( S.M.A.R.T.) goals for oneself

Whatever circumstance you find yourself in, there are time-tested methods which can help. I look forward to speaking with you about your situation.

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